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Make Sure You Have Enough Storage With Our Wide SD Cards Range

Having the right SD cards can make a world of difference in your personal and business life. The last thing you want is to delete old memories to make room for the new, which is why stocking up on ample storage is always a good option. Choose Component Hub for all your storage card and charger needs and always have more room for memories.

Tips Regarding Choosing the Right 64 GB SD Card for Your Lifestyle

To help you get more value for money, we want to give you a few pointers on how to choose the right SD storage device for your lifestyle. Consider the following tips so you can make a more informed purchasing decision:

  • Do you need fast SD storage? When we talk about SD storage speeds, we refer to the amount of time it takes to copy your files from the storage device to a different device. If, for example, you regularly move photos or videos from the SD device to a laptop, a faster speed is always beneficial.
  • Do you have a brand preference? We can provide you with a few distinct brands such as SanDisk or Samsung. As most people do, if you have a preferred brand, you’ll be happy to know we can accommodate it. These brands can provide differences from storage size to card speeds, so make sure to read the details of the cards in question.
  • Are you sure you need this specific type of card? While these cards have similar names, they all require specific slots. Micro SD cards, for example, will not work in a regular SD card slot. Make sure you choose the correct size based on your device requirements so you don’t end up with a card you can’t use.



SanDisk Extreme PRO 64Gb SD Card

Commonly Asked Questions from Customers Who Want a 64 GB SD Card

In our effort to provide as much clarity as possible, consider the following usual questions we have received from our clients since we’ve started our business:

Sandisk Extreme 64Gb SD Card

  • How much of New Zealand do you cover with your shipping? We can ship throughout entire New Zealand since we have access to a network of couriers.
  • How long does shipping usually take? Our standard shipping usually takes two to six days, but we have faster options available. If it’s urgent, let us know.
  • How expensive is your shipping? Our shipping is entirely free unless you opt for fast shipping. If you’re happy to wait two to six days for delivery, you’ll pay nothing for shipping.

Why Trust Our Team When You Need a 64 GB SD Card

We understand SD storage like no one else. We make it our business to stock up on as many reliable brands and options as you need to have ready access to storage for all your devices. Aside from our exceptional range of SD storage options, we can also provide you with computer and mobile accessories to give you the tech you need.

Call us today and order your new SD storage devices from our team.

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