SanDisk Extreme Pro Micro SD

Store Everything with a SanDisk Micro SD Card

The SanDisk extreme pro micro SD card offers everything you need from a micro storage device. We also have many other options available to keep you stocked up on all the micro SD cards you need. Choose Component Hub for everything SD card and charger related, and you’ll always have the equipment for the job.

Benefits of Choosing a SanDisk 64 GB Micro SD Card

While there are many other options aside from the SanDisk extreme pro 64 GB SD, you should know why we believe this is the right option for anyone looking for compact storage. Consider the following benefits you can expect from these little devices:

  • We pride ourselves on our competitive prices. When you need storage, you shouldn’t have to worry about excessive payments that cripple your budget. When you shop with us, you can expect competitive prices thanks to our low overheads.
  • We offer fast shipping. You want your new SD card, and you want it now. We will make sure that your orders ship out as fast as possible so you can get your card in your hands in no time. You will no longer have to keep deleting photos and videos to make room for your latest additions.
  • SD cards have a wide range of applications. You can use our SD cards to store photos, videos, music, or any other digital file for that matter. While most people commonly use these cards with devices such as cameras, you can also use them with a computer if you have a suitable adapter.
Sandisk 64GB Extreme Pro Micro SD Card

Things to Consider if You Want a SanDisk 64 GB Micro SD Card

To help you get more value from your SanDisk Extreme Pro 64 GB purchase, we put together a few things we think you should consider before checking out. Here are some aspects of how you want to use the card that we believe you should consider:

Sandisk High Endurance 64Gb micro SD Card
  • How much space do you need? While 64 GB is undoubtedly already an enormous amount of space, we also have larger options. You can find other options with as much as a whopping one TB of space, so you’ll never have to worry about deleting anything.
  • Does your device use micro SD or standard SD? If your device does not specifically use Micro SD cards, you should consider getting either a regular SD card or the necessary converting SD card that has a Micro SD slot.
  • How many do you need? If you plan to load large amounts of data onto these cards quickly – such as during a videography session – you might not have time to copy everything to a laptop and clear the card before continuing. During these times, having multiple cards is a better solution.

About Us and Our SanDisk Extreme Pro 64 GB Products

Our team stocks and sells a wide range of SD cards and chargers to help you get the most value from your electronic devices that utilise micro storage. Whether you want small or large storage devices, we can assist.

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